René Clair's Acclaimed Films

The table below lists the films for this director that have been cited in TSPDT's current editions of The 1,000 Greatest Films and 21st Century's Most Acclaimed Films' polls. The Greatest column lists the ranking within the Greatest Films poll, and the 21stC column lists the ranking within the 21st Century poll.
1923Paris qui dort36BW34920
1925Phantom of the Moulin-Rouge, The90BW59690
1927Italian Straw Hat, The105BW18430
1928Tour, La14BW140030
1930Under the Roofs of Paris92BW14980
1931a nous la liberte87BW10750
1931Million, Le85BW7990
1932Quatorze Juillet98BW36280
1934Last Billionaire, The90BW147260
1935Ghost Goes West, The82BW93300
1942I Married a Witch76BW36680
1944It Happened Tomorrow84BW68450
1945And Then There Were None98BW94740
1947Man About Town89BW56640
1950Beauty and the Devil80BW54050
1952Beauties of the Night84BW132690
1955Grand Maneuver, The104Col46310
1957Gates of Paris, The96BW48040
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