Pier Paolo Pasolini's Acclaimed Films

The table below lists the films for this director that have been cited in TSPDT's current editions of The 1,000 Greatest Films and 21st Century's Most Acclaimed Films' polls. The Greatest column lists the ranking within the Greatest Films poll, and the 21stC column lists the ranking within the 21st Century poll.
1962Mamma Roma110BW9430
1963Rabbia, La104BW36810
1964Gospel According to St. Matthew, The135BW1510
1965Love Meetings90BW92660
1966Hawks and the Sparrows, The91BW9000
1967Oedipus Rex110Col10980
1970Notes Towards an African Orestes65BW36550
1970Decameron, The111Col92190
1971Canterbury Tales, The109Col24770
1974Arabian Nights130Col8450
1975SalÚ, or the 120 Days of Sodom117Col2020
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