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July 2012
° Bright Lights Film Journal Mann in the dark: the film noirs of Anthony Mann. See also: Going through the Devil's Doorway: the early Westerns of Anthony Mann.
° Moving Image Source The single antidote to thoughts of suicide: Rainer Werner Fassbinder's American friends.
° indieWIRE Kenneth Lonergan discusses the 'extended cut' of Margaret: 'I'm happy to have both versions.'
° LA Weekly Woody Allen on his new film To Rome with Love and some very old themes.
° The New York Times Nora Ephron dies at 71; writer and filmmaker with a genius for humor.
° Screen Machine Wes is having trouble with the reception.
° Time Out Hitchcock: the directors' cut. The best Hitchcock films as chosen by ten film directors.
° Sight & Sound Classical virtues: Shindo Kaneto and Yoshimura Kozaburo.
° Cinema Scope Global discoveries on DVD: sometimes (matters arising).
° Film Comment How movies became cinema: Andrew Sarris in Seattle.
May 2012
° The Nation A charismatic chameleon: on Luis Buñuel.
° The Moving Arts Film Journal Stanley Kubrick: master of contradictions.
° Moving Image Source Good Neighbors: art and cinema in Buffalo's 1970s avant-garde.
° Senses of Cinema "Yes, we were utopians; in a way, I still am…": an Interview with Jean-Louis Comolli (Part 1).
° Time Out The 100 best horror films.
° A.V. Club Composer Danny Elfman on his long collaboration with Tim Burton.
° Sight & Sound Garlands and cobwebs: Vincente Minnelli's ecstatic vision.
° Cinema Scope Film criticism after film criticism: the J. Hoberman affair.
° Film Comment Discomfort zone: the films of Bobcat Goldthwait.
° Film International That hurtful mask - in memory of Erland Josephson (1923-2012).
April 2012
° Reverse Shot Steven Spielberg: Nostalgia and the light.
° NYR Blog The inner light of Terence Davies.
° Film Comment Ken Jacobs on the Polar Express, 3D, and religion.
° Sight & Sound The hand that rocked the Kremlin: Jirí Trnka.
° Bright Lights Film Journal Carnivals of our fathers: "Media Movies" before the television age.
° The A.V. Club Guy Maddin talks about Keyhole and "the haunted house of cinema."
° Chicago-Sun Times (Roger Ebert's Journal) The best damned film list of them all.
° Moving Image Source Not so long ago: a look back at the '90s films of Whit Stillman.
° Midnight Eye Post-human nightmares: the world of Japanese cyberpunk cinema.
° Little White Lies Aki Kaurismäki: The Finnish director talks about new film Le Havre, trusting his big nose and why digital is killing filmmaking.
February 2012
° Sight & Sound Theo Angelopoulos: the sweep of history.
° Offscreen A genealogy of Italian popular cinema: the Filone.
° Senses of Cinema 2011 world poll.
° The A.V. Club Primer: Robert Bresson.
° The Boston Phoenix Interview: Wim Wenders takes 3D one step further.
° Film Comment Interview: Béla Tarr, the complete works.
° Film International The first Latina to conquer Hollywood.
° Filmmaker Abel Ferrara: Ten lessons on filmmaking.
° The Guardian Gary Oldman: from Sid to Smiley: the rollercoaster story of a true British great.
° LA Weekly Dziga Vertov retrospective at UCLA.
January 2012
° Reverse Shot Best of 2011.
° Little White Lies Interview with Steve McQueen: the visionary British writer/director talks Shame, sex and cinema.
° Moving Image Source Moments of 2011: our contributors and colleagues pick the past year's moving image highlights.
° Senses of Cinema We are not innocent anymore by Jacques Rivette (originally published in 1950).
° Slant Magazine Bresson.
° Time Out A tribute to Gilbert Adair.
° Blogdanovich The golden age of American talkies: 1932.
° Sight & Sound Michael Shannon: trouble in mind.
° Cinema-Scope Bad Billy: William Friedkin on Killer Joe.
° The New York Times Dorothy Mackaill: a short career in Hollywood.
December 2011
° Film International The man with the video camera: an interview with Alain Cavalier.
° The New York Times Hollywood's own Hollywood endings.Hollywood's
° Reverse Shot Simply the worst.
° Senses of Cinema Remembering Claudine Paquot (1951-2011).
° Slant Magazine A rational mind: the films of Edward Yang.
° Time Out Martin Scorsese on Hugo.
° The A.V. Club Interview with Steve McQueen and Michael Fassbender.
° Bright Lights Film Journal The perverse privilege of degradation: American politics in the age of assimilation.
° Sight & Sound Faust and furious: Alexandr Sokurov.
° Filmmaker Interview with Michel Hazanavicius, The Artist.
October 2011
° Bright Lights Film Journal Boris Barnet: The lyric voice in Soviet cinema.
° Sight & Sound Persona non grata: Lars von Trier's Nazi rebellion.
° Cineaste Filming locally, thinking globally: The search for roots in contemporary Thai cinema.
° Cinema-Scope Interview: Nicolas Winding Refn and the search for a real hero.
° Film Comment Aki Kaurismäki: The uncut interview.
° Film International The director who must (not?) be forgotten: Elio Petri and the legacy of Italian political cinema, part 1.
° The Guardian Reel to real: Can documentaries change the world?
° LA Weekly L.A. rebellion: Creating a new black cinema.
° Little White Lies Paddy Considine: The Tyrannosaur writer/director discusses life, location filmmaking and why social realism is like Britpop.
° Moving Image Source Alone together: Love and loneliness in the films of Vincente Minnelli.
August 2011
° The New York Times Robert Ryan's quiet furies.
° Midnight Eye Post-human nightmares: The world of Japanese Cyberpunk cinema.
° The Moving Arts Film Journal The rise and fall, and rise of the American gangster movie.
° Moving Image Source The two horizons: What Avatar and Pedro Costa can tell us about narrative cinema today.
° PopMatters Quentin Tarantino's cinematic reality.
° Reverse Shot Stuck in the middle.
° Screening the Past The colour of nothing: Contemporary video art, SF and the postmodern sublime.
° Senses of Cinema The Seventies reloaded: (What does the cinema think about when it dreams of Baudrillard?)
° Time Out Ten great ape movies.
° The Village Voice At his best on screen, Sinatra let us see him sweat.
June 2011
° Senses of Cinema Tsai Ming-liang on the uses and misuses of cinema.
° Pop Matters Re-framed no.2: Jean-Luc Godard - the second new wave (1980-1989).
° Bright Lights Film Journal Sirk or Brecht? Or Both? Determining the Guiding Influence in Fassbinder's The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant.
° Sight & Sound Lost and found: Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion (article by Mike Hodges).
° Cinema Scope The inmost leaf: An interview with Nathaniel Dorsky.
° Film Comment Woody Allen interview.
° Film International Genre films and cultural myth.
° Filmmaker Interview with Radu Muntean (Tuesday, After Christmas).
° LA Weekly Beginners: Interview with director Mike Mills.
° Little White Lies Interview with Asif Kapadia (Senna).
March 2011
° The New York Times Goodbye, DVD. Hello, future.
° The Big Picture Magazine First person: Interview with Alex Cox.
° Bright Lights Film Journal The cinematic islands of Dr. Moreau: beasts, monsters, and mad scientists.
° Sight & Sound At home (and away) with Agnès Varda.
° Cinema Scope Interview with Athina Rachel Tsangari, director of Attenberg.
° Film International If history runs, cinema can't keep walking: an interview with Tinto Brass.
° Filmmaker Interview with Xavier Dolan, director of Heartbeats.
° Midnight Eye Interview with Shinya Tsukamoto.
° Moving Image Source Ashes of time: Resnais, Marker, Varda, and the Left Bank science-fiction film.
° The New Cinema Magazine Download the Hitchcock and Truffaut tapes.
January 2011
° Undercurrent Blake Edwards 1922-2010.
° Film Comment The best of possible worlds: Amy Taubin talks house and garden with Mike Leigh.
° Filmmaker Interview with Peter Weir.
° Midnight Eye Best (and worst) of 2010.
° Moving Image Source The other Fritz Lang.
° The New York Times A golden age of foreign films, mostly unseen.
° Offscreen Nature as "comfort zone" in the films of Andrei Tarkovsky.
° Reverse Shot Best of 2010.
° Senses of Cinema 2010 world poll.
° Time Out 22 films to look out for in 2011.
December 2010
° Moving Image Source Warning shadows: The Weimar movie and the frantic flowering of German Expressionism.
° Cineaste Dark Odyssey: An Indie classic rediscovered.
° Cinema Scope Unchained melodies: The agony and ecstasy of Phil Spector and It Felt Like a Kiss.
° The New York Times Bernardo Bertolucci: Shifting amid, and asserting, his own cinema.
° Screening the Past Beyond characterization: Performance in 1960s experimental cinema.
° Bright Lights Film Journal Haunted cinema: Movie theatres of the dead.
° Sight & Sound Memento mori: Of Gods and Men.
November 2010
° Moving Image Source The unseen Chabrol, part one and part two.
° Cineaste Working methods: The Robert Flaherty film seminar.
° Cineuropa Interview with Bertrand Tavernier.
° The New York Times Conjuring Tati's spirit with animation. An interview with Sylvain Chomet.
° Filmmaker An interview with animator Bill Plympton.
° Offscreen The vertical topography of the science fiction film.
° Reverse Shot The American all-stars.
° Senses of Cinema "Films are vulgar. And this vulgarity, I love it": An interview with Arnaud Desplechin.
° Time Out Frank Capra: An All-American Boy?
° Sight & Sound Arthur Penn: Cerebral subversive.
October 2010
° The New York Times Arthur Penn, a director attuned to his country.
° Cinema Scope You only live twice: scaling Menahem Golan's heights.
° Midnight Eye Interview with Takahiko Iimura
° Moving Image Source The truth is out there: Louis Feuillade's Fantômas and the mysteries of movies at their movie-est.
° Reverse Shot New York Film Festival 2010
° Screening the Past Film at the millennium.
° Sight & Sound Joe Dante: serious mischief.
September 2010
° Moving Image Source Rethinking Stanley Kramer (by Saul Austerlitz).
° Film Comment The accidental tourist: The indiscreet charm and buoyant esprit of Sacha Guitry (by Andrew Sarris).
° Film-Philosophy Terminal indifference: The Hollywood war film post-September 11 (pdf).
° The Guardian David Thomson on Stephen Frears.
° Movie Films, directors and critics (pdf).
° Slant Magazine The return of William Castle.
° Time Out Why Certified Copy is pure Kiarostami (by Geoff Andrew).
° The Boston Phoenix Pier Paolo Pasolini at the Harvard Film Archive (by Peter Keough).
° Bright Lights Film Journal Maximum security: Film Noir, domesticity, and the female captive.
° Sight & Sound Out of the past: Frantisek Vlácil.
August 2010
° Sight & Sound Alberto Cavalcanti: Britain's Secret Brazillian.
° Moving Image Source Madness and Civilization: Monsieur Verdoux and the meaning of Chaplin's cinema.
° Pop Matters Barbequing with Legends: Robert Duvall and Sissy Spacek on Cinema, Cinephilia and Good-Looking Shoes.
° Reverse Shot Take Three: Reverse Shot Sounds Off.
° Time Out Why Christopher Nolan is not the new Stanley Kubrick.
° Senses of Cinema Carnal Spirituality: The Films of Carlos Reygadas.
° The Boston Phoenix Interview with Raoul Coutard.
° Cineaste DVDs: A New Form of Collective Cinephilia (Jonathan Rosenbaum).
° Cinematical Interview: 'Valhalla Rising' Writer-Director Nicolas Winding Refn.
° Cinema Scope The Poetics of Departure: Kurosawa at 100.
June 2010
 Screening the Past The Past is All Used Up: Orson Welles, Touch of Evil and Erasure.
 Cinema Scope Taking Time: Peter Schreiner Returns.
 Film Comment The Accidental Auteurist: Art imitates life in Roman Polanski’s The Ghost Writer (by Andrew Sarris).
 Film International "Like Birds in the Trees": Charles Burnett on Life in Watts, the Abattoir, and Brain Surgery.
 Filmmaker Interview with Mia Hansen-Løve, The Father of My Children.
 Framework For an Insubordinate (or Rebellious) History of Cinema (by Nicole Brenez).
 Undercurrent (FIPRESCI) Film Festivals: Then and Now (by David Sterritt).
 IonCinema! Interview with Jean-Pierre Jeunet.
 LA Weekly Regard From Cannes: Hollywood stars and name-brand Euro auteurs are conquered by Carlos the Jackal, Thai magical realism and a whole lot of Romanians (by J. Hoberman).
 Midnight Eye An in-depth conversation with one of the most fascinating but also most overlooked filmmakers of the 1960s, Susumu Hani.
  April 2010  
   Senses of Cinema When Rohmer was making 'silent films.'  
   The Guardian Tilda Swinton and Luca Guadagnino: a match made in arthouse cinema heaven.  
   Midnight Eye The makers of Midnight Eye bring you their best ten Japanese films from the first decade of the 21st century.  
   MovieMaker The Hughes Brothers’ Gentle Art of Collaboration.  
   Moving Image Source Intersecting Paths: How cinema has confronted the tragedy of the 20th century.  
   The New York Times A Critic’s Place, Thumb and All.  
   Offscreen Do genres in the cinema really exist and if so, can they be defined?  
   Slant Magazine Interview with Atom Egoyan.  
   Time Out The 50 greatest sports movies.  
   Sight & Sound Alice through the lens.  
  February 2010  
   The Guardian Wolf Man, Dracula and the beasts that gave birth to cinematic horror.  
   Bright Lights Film Journal Val Lewton's Symbolic Statuary.  
   Senses of Cinema Brother Feeney: Francis Ford.  
   The Boston Phoenix Karen Schmeer: 1970-2010.  
   Cineaste The Battle Inside: Infection and the Modern Horror Film.  
   Cinema-Scope Songs of Innocence & Experience: Spike Jonze, Wes Anderson and the Post-Boomer Construction of Childhood.  
   CineScene Eric Rohmer: An Appreciation.  
   Film Comment Terra Incognita: 19 unknown pleasures from around the world to look out for.  
   Film International In Memoriam: Robin Wood.  
   Future Movies Richard Linklater Q&A: The ace indie director discusses casting Orson Welles, directing Zac Efron and making music with Jools Holland.  
  January 2010  
   Screening the Past The Long Path Back: Medievalism and Film (Adrian Martin).  
   Little White Lies Reflections on Russian Cinema: The Ward No. 6 director and head of Mosfilm studios gives LWLies an exclusive insight into the history of Russian cinema.  
   Midnight Eye An underground visionary returns to filmmaking. Shozin Fukui looks back on his career and discusses his latest film S-94.  
   MovieMaker Film Rules: Why 10 of the world’s top cinematographers have still not bought into the digital revolution.  
   Moving Image Source Mission: Improbable. Hollywood's controversial contribution to the wartime effort.  
   The New York Times Iranian Filmmakers Keep Focus on the Turmoil.  
   Offscreen In Real Time: An Interview with Jafar Panahi.  
   Reverse Shot Best of 2009.  
   Slant Magazine Interview with Terry Gilliam.  
   Time Out The A-Z of Ozu: A bluffers' guide to the films of Yasujiro Ozu.  
  November 2009  
   Moving Image Source Love letter: A centenary valentine to Japanese screen legend Kinuyo Tanaka, by Chris Fujiwara.  
   The Boston Phoenix Interview: Lars von Trier  on the redeeming qualities of Antichrist.  
   Cineaste A Filmmaker at the Barricades: The Cinematic and Political Evolution of Mohsen Makhmalbaf.  
   Cinema-Scope Cryptographies and Blood: Francis Ford Coppola’s Tetro.  
   Cineuropa Interview with Margarethe von Trotta.  
   Film Comment Michael Haneke uncut: Talking shop, theory, and practice with the director of The White Ribbon.  
   Film International Joseph Losey profile.  
   GreenCine In "Adoration" of Atom Egoyan.  
   The Guardian Sergei Dvortsevoy: the man who films goats.  
   LA Weekly Past, moving forward: The little theater of Pedro Costa.  
  September 2009  
   Reverse Shot Claire Denis: The Art of Seduction.  
   Little White Lies Interview with Marc Webb, director of (500) Days of Summer.  
   Midnight Eye Interview with Yuki Tanada.  
   MovieMaker Park Chan-Wook's Thirst for a Great Vampire Movie.  
   Moving Image Source Fleeting Glimpses: The three-film universe of Sadao Yamanaka.  
   Slant Magazine Interview with Kathryn Bigelow.  
   Time Out 50 greatest directorial debuts of all time.  
   Bright Lights Film Journal Here Come the Bromides: Living in the Era of the Bromantic Comedy.  
   Sight & Sound In the realm of Oshima: Best known in the west for the period co-productions In the Realm of the Senses and Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence, Oshima's finest works are the fiercely modern Japanese films he made in the '60s.  
   Senses of Cinema Luc Moullet, a Bootleg Filmmaker at the Centre Georges Pompidou.  
  July 2009  
   Bright Lights Film Journal Tex Avery: Arch-Radicalizer of the Hollywood Cartoon.  
   The Terror Trap Ladies of the Grand Guignol.  
   Sight & Sound Stars in His Eyes: David Lynch's new music collaboration sees him use singing and photography in his continued exposing of the dark psyche of suburbia.  
   Senses of Cinema Andrew V. McLaglen: Last of the Hollywood Professionals.  
   Cinema-Scope Return of the Grievous Angel: Richard Dutcher’s Post-Mormon Cinema.  
   Film Comment Shadow of a Doubt: Lucrecia Martel interviewed by Amy Taubin.  
   Filmmaker Agnès Varda Interview.  
   GreenCine Interview: Kathryn Bigelow on The Hurt Locker.  
   The Guardian Karl Malden Obituary by Ronald Bergan.  
   LA Weekly Back in Blue: Battered But Not Broken, Jean Jacques-Beineix Returns.  
  May 2009  
   Undercurrent John Ford: An Undercurrent Special Section.  
   Film-Philosophy Occupy without Counting: Furtive Urbanism in the Films of Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne (pdf).  
   Filmmaker Interview with Götz Spielmann, director of Revanche.  
   GreenCine Profit Motive and the Whispering Wind: Interview with John Gianvito  
   The Guardian David Thomson on Charlie Kaufman: Kaufman has a case as the most original screenwriter in America - the anarchist ready to blow convention to smithereens.  
   Moving Image Source Time Regained: Remembering Julien Duvivier, a casualty of auteurism (by Michael Atkinson).  
   Reverse Shot Defining a New Queer Cinema.  
   Rouge Teenage Wildlife Issue.  
   Screening the Past "It Has Come to My Ears": Fritz Lang’s Sound Design (by Adrian Martin).  
   Slant Magazine Interview with Guillermo del Toro.  
  March 2009  
   Bright Lights Film Journal Jerry Lewis.  
   GreenCine Courtney Hunt: "As a Director, You Have Five Minutes".  
   The Guardian Cheap thrills: On Hollywood's 'Poverty Row' in the 1940s and 50s, minor studios made B-movies on tiny budgets. The best of these films were surprisingly stylish and subversive, and defined the moral murk of noir.  
   LA Weekly Morphine in His Coffee: Remembering Dennis Potter on DVD.  
   Midnight Eye Inuhiko Yomota: One of Japan's most respected cultural critics and film historians shares his views on the state of cinema and film criticism in Japan.  
   Offscreen Food for Thought: Sensorium of the Iranian Cinema.  
   Sight & Sound From romance to ritual: Barry Lyndon takes its inspiration from Thackeray's source novel. But in Kubrick's hands the tone - and the hero - are transformed.  
   Senses of Cinema The Girl with the Speck of Dust in Her Eye: Living London Returns.  
   The Boston Phoenix Interview with Roberto Saviano: Fire and brimstone from Gomorrah's author.  
   Film International Robert De Niro: The Pursuit of Nothingness.  
  January 2009  
   Midnight Eye Jun Ichikawa: An appreciation.  
   The Guardian Inside the head of Sam Peckinpah: So the great director's films are about violence? Not really. Are they about honour? Hardly. In fact, says Rick Moody, Sam Peckinpah offered us realism - albeit of a very particular kind.  
   Cineaste Cult Film: A Critical Symposium.  
   Cinema-Scope The Rules of the Game: A Conversation with Miguel Gomes.  
   LA Weekly Village Voice/LA Weekly Film Poll 2008: WALL-E World.  
   The Criterion Collection Me and Sam Fuller.  
   Little White Lies Interview with Danny Boyle.  
   Stop Smiling The Year in Movies.  
   GreenCine Laurent Cantet: "The Classroom is a Place for Democracy".  
   The Boston Phoenix Interview: Ari Folman on Waltz with Bashir.  
   Film Comment Terra Incognita: 23 films to look out for.  
   Filmmaker Interview with Ole Bornedal, Just Another Love Story.  
  December 2008  
  Sight & Sound Game for a century: For eight decades Manoel de Oliveira has played with audiences' expectations of cinema. Now, at the age of 100, this contradictory figure is not merely Portugal's most important director, he's an international treasure.  

The Guardian Rouben Mamoulian, the natural born cineaste: A consistent innovator, Mamoulian was one of the first directors to rise to the challenges of sound and colour.

  Henry Sheehan Japanese filmmaker Eiichi Kudo.  
  indieWIRE Viva La Revolution: Steven Soderbergh Rebels Again with "Che".  

Undercurrent The Durability of Filmmaking in a Temporary Country.

  LA Weekly How acclaimed indie director Gus Van Sant finally got Milk.  

Offscreen The Face of Quatermass: National Identity in British Science-Fiction.


Screening the Past Against the Flow of Time: Michael Mann and Edward Hopper.

  Slant Magazine Redefining success: An interview with Kelly Reichardt.  
  Moving Image Source Children of Paradise: How to watch Hal Roach's Our Gang comedies and why.  
  Sight & Sound The DVDs of 2008.  
  November 2008  

Rouge Mitchell Leisen.

  Offscreen Form Inversion in Alfred Hitchcock.  
  Reverse Shot Hou Hsiao-hsien: In Search of Lost Time.  

Sight & Sound Who needs critics? and Critics on Critics.

  Bright Lights Film Journal Dana Andrews: The Forties Hero and His Shadow.  

Cineaste Mr. Freedom: An Interview with William Klein.


Cineuropa Interview with Thomas Vinterberg.

  Film Comment A Blast from the Past: Kent Jones talks movies, writing, and harp music with America’s most original film critic Manny Farber.  
  Filmmaker The Play's the Thing: For Charlie Kaufman, the whole world fits into Synecdoche, New York.  
  GreenCine Errol Morris: "The Photographs Actually Hide Things From Us".  
  October 2008  
  Film Comment A Samurai Among Farmers: Rejecting the orthodoxies of postwar Japanese society, Nagisa Oshima created a radical and uniquely protean body of work.  
  Senses of Cinema 1963-1968. Paris: The Godard Years.  

The Boston Phoenix Brief Fling: Carole Lombard’s nine years of stardom.


Cinema-Scope Time and the Hour: For the Melancholy Mastery of Jean-Claude Van Damme.

  Film International Interview with Etgar Keret, co-director of Cannes Golden Camera winner Jellyfish.  

Film-Philosophy Towards a Theory of Film Worlds (pdf).


Filmmaker Mood Swings: An interview with Mike Leigh.

  GreenCine Alex Gibney: "There's Nothing Tough About Torturing a Defenseless Man".  
  The Guardian Something happened: Thorold Dickinson's 1949 film The Queen of Spades has been called 'a masterpiece' by Martin Scorsese - so why is his work not better known? Philip Horne celebrates a daring director who was beset by bad luck.  
  IonCinema! 46th NYFF Interview: Steven Soderbergh (Che).  
  September 2008  
  Sight & Sound Reflections In A Golden Eye: Frederick Wiseman's respect for civic institutions makes him a champion of democratic values but his artistry should not be forgotten.  

Filmmaker 25 New Faces of Independent Film: Filmmaker's 10th annual survey of new talent.


Future Movies Shane Meadows talks Somers Town.

  GreenCine Guy Maddin: "I Had This Haunted Childhood".  
  The Guardian Sex, violence and classroom action: Everyone has a favourite film about school, whether they were the best days of your life or the worst. Peter Bradshaw reveals his ahead of a poll to find the top 10.  

LA Weekly Manny Farber, 1917-2008: Critic's passing leaves a Space.


MovieMaker Giuseppe Tornatore Dives Into the Great Unknown.

  Time Out Guy Ritchie on ‘RocknRolla’.  
  Village Voice Anthology Film Archives Revives the Public Mischief of Robert Downey Sr.  
  Bright Lights Film Journal Men in Women-in-Prison: Masochism, Feminism, Fetish.  
  August 2008  

Sight & Sound Dream Tickets: The once hugely popular double bill saw unlikely pairings throwing new light upon one another. Now a selection of experts pick their perfect twosomes that are more than the sum of their parts (PDF File).


LA Weekly Richard Quine: Dying is Easy. A journalist recalls his fateful encounter with Hollywood's most tragic comedy director.

  Reverse Shot The Kuchar Brothers.  
  Time Out James Marsh on ‘Man on Wire’.  

Village Voice On the Eve of Their Momma's Man Opening, Jacobs Father and Son Talk Shop and Family: The films of Azazel Jacobs are on the offbeat end of the cinema spectrum.


Bright Lights Film Journal Paradise Betrayed: Talking with Terence Davies about Of Time and the City.

  Senses of Cinema Forgotten Lean: The Ann Todd Trilogy.  
  The Boston Phoenix Our superheroes, ourselves: What the current crop of comic-book action movies tells us about America's identity crisis.  
  Cinema-Scope Out of Time: Notes on Marker.  
  Film Comment The Classical Modernist: Negotiating the singular career of Portuguese master Manoel de Oliveira on the eve of his 100th birthday.  
  July 2008  

Bright Lights Film Journal A Quiet Storm: Charles Burnett on Namibia and His Post-Killer of Sheep Career.

  Slant Magazine An interview with Catherine Breillat.  
  Time Out Guy Maddin on ‘My Winnipeg’.  

Sight & Sound Cannes 2008: A royal rumpus.


Filmmaker Moral Burdens: Interview with Fatih Akin.


GreenCine Tell No One: Guillaume Canet and Harlan Coben.

  The Guardian Pedro Almodóvar: I'm not to blame for UK tastes.  
  IonCinema! Interview: Jonathan Levine (The Wackness).  
  June 2008  
  Film Comment A Blast from the Past: Alexander Kluge interviewed by Jan Dawson, from the November/December 1974 issue of Film Comment.  
  Senses of Cinema Sweet Movie: The Gentle Side of “Destructive Art” by Dusan Makavejev.  

The Boston Phoenix The awful truth: Leo McCarey was better in the ’30s.


Cineaste The Cinema of Identification Gets on my Nerves: An Interview with Christian Petzold.

  Cineuropa Interview with Laurent Cantet.  

Filmmaker Werner Herzog interview, Encounters at the End of the World.


GreenCine Interview: Olivier Assayas's "Archetypally Modern Drama".

  The Guardian Untold stories of the LA Rebellion: While Hollywood rejoiced in blaxploitation, an underground generation of black film-makers came out of Los Angeles in the 60s and 70s to forge a series of forgotten masterpieces.  
  LA Weekly Border Stories: Fatih Akin's Edge of Heaven.  
  Midnight Eye Tomoyasu Murata and Company.  
  May 2008  
  GreenCine Pedro Costa: "I Have to Risk Each Shot."  

Filmmaker They Shoot Pictures Don't They?: Famed documentarian Errol Morris dissects what we saw (and didn‘t see) in the Abu Ghraib prison abuse photos in Standard Operating Procedure.


The Guardian 'The bloodshed had to be shown': At 80, Andrzej Wajda has made the bravest film of his career: a graphic account of the killing of 8,000 Polish officers.

  indieWIRE Interview with "Mister Lonely" director Harmony Korine.  
  Reverse Shot Interview with Olivier Assayas.  

Time Out Mike Leigh's London locations.


Sight & Sound French Cinema Now: French Exceptions.

  April 2008  

Sight & Sound Mizoguchi Kenji: Artist Of The Floating World.

  The Guardian Master manipulator: Michael Haneke's shot-for-shot remake of his own torture thriller sets out to critique US film violence. But hasn't he just become everything he hates?  

indieWIRE Profile: "My Blueberry Nights" Director Wong Kar-wai.

  LA Weekly Manoel de Oliveira: A Man for All Seasons. As he prepares to celebrate his centenary, nothing can stop the Portuguese director.  
  Time Out Park Chan-wook interview.  

Senses of Cinema Nina Menkes: The Warrior and her Jiang Hu.


Cinema-Scope Trainspotting with James Benning.

  Close-Up Film Brian De Palma talks about Redacted.  
  Film Comment The Body Politic: The films of Nicolas Klotz interrogate the new world order from the lower depths to the executive suite.  
  Film International Sergei Eisenstein and the Cine-Eye.  
  March 2008  

Bright Lights Film Journal Peter Watkins and the Politics of Expression.

  Pop Matters The Grand Tension of Peter Watkins.  
  Time Out The genius of Derek Jarman.  

The Boston Phoenix Separate Ways: Ritwik Ghatak at the Harvard Film Archive.


Cineaste Contemplating Status and Morality in Cassandra's Dream: An Interview with Woody Allen.


Cineuropa Interview with Carlos Saura.

  Close-Up Film A Short Piece About Kieslowski.  
  Filmmaker The Director Interviews: Ramin Bahrani, Chop Shop.  
  GreenCine Tony Gilroy and His "Parallel Universe Thriller".  
  The Guardian 'Films are a way to kill my father': After decades of analysis, Bernardo Bertolucci has a new take on his 1970 classic The Conformist.  
  February 2008  
  Film Comment Fresh Meat: Diary of the Dead may be the summation of George A. Romero’s zombie cycle (at least until the next installment).  
  Village Voice Next Generation: Bridging worlds and eras, Olivier Assayas is uniquely of his (our) time,  

Sight & Sound Brothers in Harm: Veteran director Sidney Lumet is back in the hot seat with a heist thriller Before the Devil Knows You're Dead.


GreenCine Gregg Araki's Stoner Comedy.


The Guardian A camera instead of a rifle: Combining real and staged footage, Overlord is a remarkable account of D-Day. Director Stuart Cooper explains his debt to the film-makers who followed soldiers into battle.


indieWIRE Interview with 4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days Director Cristian Mungiu.

  January 2008  
  Sight & Sound The Road Goes On Forever: Wim Wenders' early films use the language of American cinema to express a sensibility that's inescapably European.  

Bright Lights Film Journal Beyond the Fifth Generation: An Interview with Zhang Yimou.

  Senses of Cinema Fast Worker: The Films of Sam Newfield.  

The Boston Phoenix Shohei Imamura: The Anti-Ozu.


Cinema-Scope Songs Sung Blue: The Films of Michael Robinson.


Filmmaker The Great Debater: Interview with Denzel Washington.


GreenCine John Sayles: "I Want My Characters to Be Like Your Friends."


The Guardian Down with the Kids: First there was Elephant, about the Columbine High School massacre, and now Gus van Sant has made Paranoid Park, about a young skateboarder.


Midnight Eye Interview with Koji Wakamatsu.


Rouge Pretending that life has no meaning: Interview with Paul Schrader.

  December 2007  

Cineaste Avoiding Labels and Lullabies: An Interview with James Mangold.

  Film Comment A Blast from the Past: James Blue interviews Pier Paolo Pasolini, from the Fall 1965 issue of Film Comment.  
  Filmmaker Reaching Out: 10 Years of grassroots casting for John Sayles.  

GreenCine Charles Burnett Celebrates a Milestone.


The Observer Who does Bob think he is?: There are six - or is it seven? - 'Dylans' in Todd Haynes's I'm Not There. The director talks exclusively to Sean O'Hagan about the weirdest rock biopic ever.


indieWIRE Interview with Julian Schnabel, director of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.


IonCinema! Interview: Noah Baumbach - Margot at the Wedding.


MovieMaker Francis Ford Coppola: Exclusive Video Interview.


Reverse Shot Gus Van Sant Feature.


Village Voice Senegal's Son: For Ousmane Sembène, an icon of African cinema, the personal was always political.

  November 2007  

Sight & Sound Robert Bresson: Alias Grace.

  Filmmaker The Director Interviews: Julien Temple, Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten.  
  GreenCine Catching Up with Christoffer Boe.  

The Guardian 'Film-making is an adventure': Shekhar Kapur's film Elizabeth was a critical and commercial success that broke all the conventions of costume drama. Can he repeat the trick with its sequel?


IonCinema! NYFF Interview: Catherine Breillat.


LA Weekly An American Realist: Robert Redford and the façade of a nation.


Midnight Eye Paul Verhoeven Like It: Takashi Miike at the 2007 Venice Film Festival.


MovieMaker John Carpenter's Business of Insanity: With five remakes of his work in two years, John Carpenter is happily riding the Halloween gravy train.


Time Out Interview with Michael Haneke.


The Boston Phoenix Wes Anderson talks about India, Owen, and the short.

  October 2007  

The Guardian 'Storytelling was his life's elixir': Crime reporter, screenwriter, soldier, director - Sam Fuller was a lot of things. But whatever he did, he was foremost a master yarn-spinner, his friend Wim Wenders remembers.


Film Comment Foreign Affairs: David Cronenberg talks about his strangely intimate new Russian mafia movie Eastern Promises and snuff films on the Internet.


Film International From Short Story to Film to Autobiography: Intermedial Variations in Ingmar Bergman's Writings and Films.

  Filmmaker Last Man Standing: After making only two features, Andrew Dominik deserves to be recognized as one of the most exciting and talented writer-directors working today.  
  GreenCine Béla Tarr's Man from London interview.  

indieWIRE Interview with "Lust, Caution" Director Ang Lee.


IonCinema! Interview with Johnnie To (Exiled).


Sight & Sound A World Without Pity: A Mighty Heart, based on Mariane Pearl's memoir of the kidnap of her journalist husband Daniel, completes a trilogy of films by Michael Winterbottom that probe the post-9/11 world.


Cineaste Making Friends the Hard Way: An Interview with Patrice Leconte.


Cinema-Scope The Stubborn Utopian: The Films of Alexander Kluge.

  September 2007  

Senses of Cinema "Me, I Just Film My Life": An Interview with Jonas Mekas. [ Jonas ]


Reverse Shot An Interview with Volker Schlöndorff.

  Roger Fighting over Bergman's legacy.  
  Screening the Past Douglas Sirk’s Theatres of Imitation.  

Time Out Ken Loach interview.


Village Voice Scotland Bard: Bill Douglas filmed life as it was: hard, bleak, cruel.


Bright Lights Film Journal Silent Light or Absolute Miracle: An Interview with Carlos Reygadas at Cannes 2007.


Sight & Sound Love in the afternoon: D.H. Lawrence's iconic tale of unbridled passion has had many interpreters. But none has captured its title character's sensual awakening as effectively as Pascale Ferran in Lady Chatterley.


The Boston Phoenix Michelangelo Antonioni 1912-2007


Close-Up Film God’s Lonely Man: An Interview with Paul Schrader.

  August 2007  

The Guardian Ingmar Bergman 1918-2007.

  indieWIRE The Start of a Journey: An Appreciation of Ingmar Bergman.  
  The New York Times In Art’s Old Sanctuary, a High Priest of Film.  

Cineuropa Interview with Jaco Van Dormael.


Film Comment Steve Buscemi Uncut: The indie poster boy’s Q&A with Harlan Jacobson in full.


Filmmaker Survivor: With Rescue Dawn director Werner Herzog returns to the jungle to adapt one of his most powerful documentaries, Little Dieter Needs to Fly.


GreenCine Philip Haas: Understanding the Situation.


IonCinema! Interview: Shane Meadows.


Kamera International man of mystery: David Lynch.


MovieMaker Henry Jaglom's Moment of Truth: Film's freest director dissects the Hollywood machine in Hollywood Dreams.

  July 2007  

Sight & Sound Ken Russell: Sweet Swell of Excess.


Film Monthly Michael Bay Transforms Very Well.


Film-Philosophy (pdf) Hitchcock and Hume Revisited: Fear, Confusion and Stage Fright.


Filmmaker You Don’t Know Jack: In Jack Smith and the Destruction of Atlantis, Mary Jordan takes us into the mind of one of the forgotten geniuses from the 1960s New York avant-garde scene.


GreenCine “The Structure of Human Life”: Kim Ki-duk.


The New York Times Edward Yang, 59, Director Prominent in New Taiwan Cinema, Is Dead. Plus, Remembering Edward Yang (Village Voice).


The Boston Phoenix Keeping it Real: Sticking to the facts in a post-9/111 world, Michael Winterbottom and Paul Greengrass lead a new breed of filmmaker.


Cinema-Scope Beyond Brut: The Art of Cornel Wilde.

  June 2007  
  LA Weekly The Devil May Care: William Friedkin on Bug, Cruising and nights at the opera.  
  Midnight Eye Eiichi Kudo's Guerrilla Filmmaking.  
  Reverse Shot An Interview with Sarah Polley.  
  Village Voice Cannes and Abel: Talking With The Go Go Tales Director.  
  Bright Lights Film Journal The Mothering of Evil: In Several Hitchcock Films.  
  Senses of Cinema The Low-Key Jester: An Interview with Andrew Bujalski.  
  Cahiers du Cinema Danièle Huillet (1936-2006), A Materialist Filmmaker.  
  Cinema-Scope Killing Time: The Economical Diversity of Johnnie To.  
  Cineuropa Interview with Béla Tarr.  
  Film Comment Films of Ruin and Rapture: In Search of Jean-Daniel Pollet.  
  May 2007  
  GreenCine Jean Renoir: Master of the Game.  
  LA Weekly Death, Landscape and Raymond Carver: Ray Lawrence maps the human heart.  
  Midnight Eye Interview with Nobuhiro Yamashita.  
  Off Screen Eisenstein: ‘Intellectual Montage’, Post-structuralism, and Ideology.  
  Reverse Shot An Interview with Andrea Arnold.  
  Sight & Sound You Must Be Joking: Roberto Rossellini was initially known as a neorealist , but was among the first to break towards a life-celebrating spiritual cinema with Francis, God's Jester.  
  Close-Up Film Not Such a Still Life: Peter Fraser interviews Terence Davies one of Britain's most impressive auteurs, as his 1989 film Distant Voices, Still Lives is re-released.  
  Film Monthly Sam Raimi Talks Spider-Man 3... And Beyond.  
  The Guardian Just say Noah: Darren Aronofsky finally got eternal-life epic The Fountain made through sheer belief. Now he's turning to the Bible to resurrect another great survivor.  
  April 2007  
  Cinema-Scope Inside/Out: A Modest Proposal Concerning William A. Wellman.  
  Cineaste The Cinema of Peter Watkins.  
  Close-Up Film Interview with Agnès Varda on the Restoration of "Les Parapluies de Cherbourg."  
  Film Comment School of Hard Knocks: Charles Burnett interviewed by Alex Cox & Tod Davies.  
  Film Monthly Mira Nair Returns To Her Roots.  
  Filmmaker Susanne Bier interview.  
  Flickhead “This is a movie…isn’t it?”: Henry Jaglom x 3 on DVD.  
  GreenCine Jafar Panahi and the Rules of the Game.  
  The Guardian Topo the world: If only Jodorowsky had been allowed to make more movies. John Patterson salutes the hippy genius who was never trusted by the suits.  
  kamera Emerging from the shadows: Nick Bicanic has made one of the greatest documentaries that you might never see.  
  March 2007  
  Sight & Sound Degraded Dupes Steven Soderbergh.  
  Time Out The directors: Steven Soderbergh.  
  Film Monthly Michael Apted Has 'Grace' In New Epic.  
  GreenCine Mark Savage & the D.I.Y. Aesthetic.  
  The Guardian 'I figured I'd retire gradually, just ride off into the sunset ...' Interview with Clint Eastwood.  
  Midnight Eye Mikio Naruse: A Modern Classic.  
  Offscreen The Video Work of Jean Pierre Lefebvre.  
  Senses of Cinema American Triptych: Vidor, Hawks and Ford.  
  February 2007  
  Rouge Things to Look Into: The Cinema of Terrence Malick. Also recommended.  
  Sight & Sound Sleeping with the Enemy: Paul Verhoeven.  
  Film Monthly Noonan's No Babe In The Woods.  
  Filmmaker Open Your Eyes: Experimental filmmaker Barbara Hammer looks back on her thirty-plus years in film.  
  GreenCine Tom Tykwer and the Collector's Compulsion.  
  The Guardian 'He is fun and he is bright': The Oscar-nominated director of United 93 has no qualms about Hollywood.  
  Undercurrent (FIPRESCI) Max Ophüls's Adaptation to and Subversion of Classical Hollywood Cinema and Their Effect on his European Filmmaking.  
  Offscreen The Rules of His Game: Schrader's Canon.  
  Village Voice Kenneth Anger Comes Home: Five shorts, one mindblowing DVD, and your couch.  
  The Boston Phoenix Rain Man: The lingering gaze of Béla Tarr.  
  January 2007  
  Reverse Shot Junk Art: Brian De Palma.  
  Kamera Cult Files: An interview with Mark Lester.  
  Midnight Eye Katsuhiro Otomo: The man behind the epoch-making Akira sits down for an exclusive interview about his latest film Bugmaster.  
  MovieMaker Shaker of Souls: Mexican director of Amores Perros creates another emotional earthquake with Babel.  
  Offscreen Good Day and Good Night: A Conversation with Filmmaker Julia Loktev.  
  Screening the Past Ticket to ride: Claire Denis and the cinema of the body.  
  Slant Magazine Mirror Mirror: The Films of Jacques Rivette.  
  Sight & Sound British Cinema Now: The Lost Leader.  
  Cineaste The Art of Memory: Andrzej Wajda's Three War Films.  
  Cinema-Scope A Fragmented Epistemology:The Films of Abderrahmane Sissako.  
  December 2006  

Village Voice A Critics' Duet on Nashville: Remembering Robert Altman through the words of Voice critics past.


The Observer Showman and shaman: From M*A*S*H to country-house murder, the maverick from Kansas followed his own star, says Philip French, delighting us and changing the course of cinema along the way.

  indieWIRE Saluting a Maverick Filmmaker, Robert Altman: 1925 - 2006.  

Film International Charles Warren discusses the links between Robert Altman, John Cassavetes, and American philosopher Stanley Cavell.


Sight & Sound Girl Interrupted: Guillermo del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth creates a beautiful and terrifying fantasy netherworld for the young girl at its centre. Could it be an update of A Nightmare on Elm Street, Mark Kermode asks the director.


Senses of Cinema Dziga Vertov: The Idiot.


Film Monthly Interview: Aronofsky's Fountain of Love.


Filmmaker Interview: Richard Linklater’s new film is an affectionate comedy that critiques American corporate culture by telling the stories of the working class people it most often neglects.


GreenCine Tales from the Brothers Quay.

  Undercurrent (FIPRESCI) Danièle Huillet 1936-2006: A Tribute.  
  November 2006  

indieWIRE Interview: Barbara Kopple, co-director of "Shut Up & Sing".


Filmmaker Sound of Silence: James Ponsoldt talks with Kelly Reichardt about Old Joy.


The Guardian 'This is seat-of-your-pants stuff': Who says film has to be a costly, lumbering beast? Mike Figgis is capturing the capital with cheap cameras and a trumpet.


Midnight Eye Interview with director Takashi Yamazaki.


MovieMaker Requiem for a Dreamer: Michel Gondry explores The Science of Sleep.


Pop Matters Beautiful Freaks: Frequently presenting people living cruel and impossible lives, Lech Kowalski's films observe in detail how they navigate their existence, successfully or not.


Reverse Shot Nicolas Winding Refn: An Interview.


Time Out Alan Bennett: Interview.

  October 2006  

GreenCine Raúl Ruiz and the Poetics of Cinema.


Rouge Erice-Kiarostami: The Pathways of Creation.


Sight & Sound I'm Not A Political Filmmaker Goddamit!: Interview with Oliver Stone.


BBC The co-directors of Echo Park LA on making a film in the blink of an eye (Video Interview).


BBC: Calling the Shots Interview with Ridley Scott.


The Boston Phoenix John Huston: Reflections on a Golden Filmmaker.


Cinema-Scope Scratch That Itch: William Friedkin on Bug.


Film Comment Paul Schrader: The Book I Didn't Write.


Film International Resurrecting Horror: "Rottweiler" and the Fantastic Films of Brian Yuzna


Film Monthly Guillermo Del Toro/Pan’s Labyrinth Interview.

  September 2006  

Senses of Cinema Otto Preminger and the End of Classical Cinema.


Undercurrent In an excerpt from his forthcoming book on Alexander Dovzhenko, author Marco Carynnyk weaves biography and analysis in a consideration of the sources and patterns of Dovzhenko's Earth.


LA Weekly Not of this Earth: American Cinematheque fetes Roger Corman at 80.


MovieMaker Master of the Universe: Director Frank Coraci has the world in the palm of his hand.


Village Voice In Living Color: Tashlin's eye-popping '50s artifacts pile on gags like live-action Looney Tunes.


Slant Magazine Tashlin.


Bright Lights Film Journal "How My Brain Works": An Interview with Michel Gondry.


British Film Institute Carol Reed Centenary.


Close-Up Film Pedro Almodóvar chats about Volver.


Filmmaker Check Your Head: Two years after his short film about a drug-addicted inner-city teacher won Sundance, Ryan Fleck returned with his feature-length adaptation of that story, Half Nelson.

  August 2006  

Sight & Sound Songs For Swinging Lovers: Hou Hsiao-hsien may be a long-established name to the cognoscenti, but his work is still little known in the UK. Three Times, his exquisite new tripartite film, is about to change all that.


Off Screen The Great Artist, the Little Fellow: Reading Charlie Chaplin and James Agee.


Reverse Shot Robert Altman: An Interview.


Rouge Dziga Vertov: Storyboard.


Slant Magazine Flesh and Desire: The Films of Frank Borzage.


Close-Up Film Urban Heroes/Urban Monsters: The Cinema of Martin Scorsese.


Future Movies North & South: Acclaimed director Laurent Cantet discusses his new film, Heading South.


Bright Lights Film Journal Four Films in Search of an Author: Egoyan Since Exotica.


Film Comment Elaine May in Conversation with Mike Nichols.


The Guardian Where angels fear to tread: No subject could be more sensitive and difficult to film than the destruction of the World Trade Center. But after a particularly bad run in Hollywood, director Oliver Stone has everything to play for.

  July 2006  

Off Screen  The "Cult" of Kubrick.


Cinema-Scope Richard Kelly's Revelations: Defending Southland Tales.


Filmmaker Agent Provocateur: With The Outsider, cinematic bad-boy James Toback gets in front of the camera for first-time filmmaker Nicholas Jarecki.


GreenCine In The Puffy Chair with the Duplass Brothers.


The Guardian Man on the moon: Women with a fetish for smelling rice, people shot through plugholes and now a musical about a prince and a raccoon in love. Dare you enter the extraordinary world of film-maker Seijun Suzuki?


indieWIRE Interview: Larry Clark, Director of "Wassup Rockers".


I On Cinema! Interview: Michael Winterbottom.


LA Weekly Remembering Pitfall: How De Toth’s noir prefigured the era of the antihero (by Bertrand Tavernier).


Midnight Eye Interview: Shunichi Nagasaki.


MovieMaker The Color of Forbidden Fruit: Chen Kaige lights up the screen with The Promise.

  June 2006  

Off Screen Dario Argento, Maestro Auteur or Master Misogynist?


Cineuropa Bruno Dumont: An interview with the provocative French director who brought his latest film, Flandres, to the Cannes Film Festival competition.


Film Comment A Painful Case: A Conversation with Cristi Puiu, a director under the influence.


Filmmaker Teenage Wasteland: Scott Macaulay talks with David Slade about his searing story of sexual trespass and vigilante justice, Hard Candy.


GreenCine Fernando Solanas: “I am the Camera”.


The Guardian 'I've never been in the firing line like this before': Director Richard Linklater is known for his gentle, Gen-X movies. Now he's taking on the American meat industry with Fast Food Nation.


kamera The Ozon layer: Antonio Pasolini talks to François Ozon about his career and his new film, Le temps qui reste (Time to Leave).


MovieMaker Writer-Director David Jacobson tackles complex characters in Down in the Valley.


Pop Matters Shh…Its’s Starting: Mechanical Animal. Who's the perfect silent film comedian for our techno-centric age? Here's a hint: he's the classic 'stoneface' who made machines his friends, not his entertainment enemies, during the course of his amazing cinematic career.


Senses of Cinema  Spotlight on Hou Hsiao-hsien.

  May 2006  
  The Guardian Slave to beauty: Jacques Rivette's films are a celebration of women, light, Paris in summer - and the power of storytelling. David Thomson pays tribute to one of the greatest living directors.  
  Film Comment A Painful Case: A Conversation with Cristi Puiu, a director under the influence.  
  Filmmaker L.A. Stories: Matthew Ross talks with legendary writer/director Robert Towne about his filmic meditations on Los Angeles, including his latest, Ask the Dust, an adaptation of John Fante’s classic novel.  
  GreenCine Crossing Borders with Eran Riklis.  
  LA Weekly Art School Rejects: Breakfast with Terry Zwigoff and Daniel Clowes.  
  MovieMaker Auteur Seeks Complex Character: Writer-Director David Jacobson tackles complex characters in Down in the Valley.  
  Sight & Sound Under The Influence: Dominik Moll openly avows Hitchcock as an influence on his film Lemming. But what is the meaning of this affinity between the French and the lugubrious suspense master, asks Robin Buss Plus Moll talks to James Bell.  
  Chicago Reader The Epistemologist of Despair: If you're watching Douglas Sirk for the camp value, look deeper.  
  April 2006  
  GreenCine A History of David Cronenberg.  
  The Guardian Burning desire: John Turturro made his name playing edgy outsiders - but he has always longed to make movies based on his own turbulent upbringing.  
  kamera Kieslowski special: the director today.  
  LA Weekly Border Crossings: Claire Denis On Intruders Internal and External.  
  MovieMaker The Lingering Auteur: Legendary writer-director-photographer Wim Wenders redefines the western with Don’t Come Knocking.  
  Reverse Shot Horns and Halos: Neil Jordan’s Bedtime Stories.  
  Sight & Sound Weight Of Water: Award-winning films such as L'Enfant have the Dardenne brothers pegged as grim realists but the painstaking pair do far more than simply shoot what's there.  
  Chicago Reader Luc Moullet: Agent Provocateur of the New Wave  
  Cineaste Robert Bresson: Fire and Ice.  
  Cinema-Scope Song of Myself: Caveh Zahedi’s Cinema of Self-Exposure.  
  March 2006  
  Village Voice May Days: Recapping a reclusive auteur's brilliant career, from the Jewish new wave to a legendary bomb.  
  The New York Times The Fireworks of Elaine May.  
  Offscreen Dissecting the Branded Brain: An Interview with Guy Maddin.  
  MovieMaker Original Voice, Weirdly Poetic: Writer-director Rian Johnson redefines film noir with Brick.  
  Rouge The '60s Without Compromise: Watching Warhol's Films.  
  Bright Lights Film Journal What the Sound Is Saying: How Music Moves in Bertolucci.  
  Sight & Sound Ballad Of The Wild Boys: The Proposition is an intense Australian Western set in the harsh 19th-century outback. Director John Hillcoat and writer Nick Cave describe its long gestation to Nick Roddick.  
  The Film Journal Follow Him Quietly: Richard Fleischer and the Consideration of Metteurs-en-scène.  
  Senses of Cinema Ride Lonesome: The Career of Budd Boetticher.  
  GreenCine Pablo Berger: "I have to hypnotize."  
  February 2006  
  Film Comment Claire Denis: Interviewed by Gavin Smith.  
  MovieMaker Everything Comes Together: For Marc Forster, it’s still all about telling stories.  
  Offscreen Another Time, Another Place: The horrific, the fantastic and the fairy-like in the films of Agustín Villaronga.  
  Sight & Sound Secrets, Lies & Videotape: Michael Haneke's Hidden continues his probing of western audiences' guilt at their own privilege. But are the threats we perceive all in the mind, asks Catherine Wheatley.  
  Cinema-Scope Peter Watkins—Notes and Questions: Edvard Munch.  
  Cineuropa Interview with Laurent Cantet.  
  GreenCine From the Drawing Board to Immersive Media with Douglas Trumball.  
  kamera Director's cult: Andrei Tarkovsky. An exclusive extract from Sean Martin's new book The Pocket Essential Tarkovsky.  
  LA Weekly The Last of the Independents: Michael Almereyda holds forth on his William Eggleston documentary, multiple realities and his own so-called career.  
  January 2006  
  Sight & Sound Mexico Rising: Interview with Raúl Ruiz.  
  Offscreen An Interview with Peter Kubelka.  
  Audience Billy Wilder at London's National Film Theater: The Major and the Minor.  
  Cinema-Scope History is the Enemy of Art: Philippe Garrel on Les amants régulier.  
  Film Monthly Lasse Helms All New Casanova.  
  GreenCine Budd Boetticher, Last of the Old Hollywood Two-Fisted Directors.  
  The Guardian Mel Brooks: 'I do bad taste with intelligence'.  
  Midnight Eye Interview with Norio Tsuruta.  
  December 2005  
  Rouge Ford's Depth.  
  Reverse Shot Land of the Dead: An Interview with Kiyoshi Kurosawa .  
  Bright Lights Film Journal Family Is Hell and So Is the World: Talking to Michael Haneke at Cannes 2005.  
  Boston Phoenix Figures in a landscape: Budd Boetticher’s American myths..  
  Cineuropa Interview with Alain Berliner.  
  Film Comment Rules of Engagement: Morgan Fisher’s cinema of refusal and reflexivity.  
  Film Monthly Memoirs of a Director: Rob Marshall/Memoirs of a Geisha Interview.  
  GreenCine The Realist: A Talk with Gianni Amelio.  
  The Guardian Homeward bound: Paul Verhoeven, the director who brought us Robocop, has left Hollywood to go back to his roots: freezing weather, coffins and pig muck in the Netherlands.  
  Midnight Eye Interview with Kohei Oguri.  
  November 2005  
  GreenCine George A. Romero: "I've Had a Terrific Run of It".  
  Senses of Cinema Jacques Tati: Last Bastion of Innocence.  
  Cineuropa Interview with Carlos Reygadas.  
  Film Monthly A Trip With Mr. Park and All New Wallace and Gromit.  
  Filmmaker Prime Time: With Good Night, and Good Luck and Syriana, George Clooney continues to defy the expectations of Hollywood stardom.  
  Gerald Peary Remembering Nicholas Ray.  
  The Guardian 'This film is unmarketable': Mike Mills signed up Keanu Reeves, Tilda Swinton and Vince Vaughn for his first feature. And still no one wanted to fund it.  
  ioncinema! Interview with Hany Abu-Assad, director of Paradise Now.  
  L.A. Weekly Holistic Healer: Israel takes Gidi Dar’s fundamentalist comedy to heart.   
  Midnight Eye A meeting with Shinji Aoyama, one of the leading filmmakers of his generation.  
  October 2005  
  Film Comment Mikio Naruse: The Other Women and the View from the Outside.  
  Cineaste Saying 'Yes' to Taking Risks: An Interview with Sally Potter.  
  Cinema-Scope Mutual Appreciation Society: The World of Andrew Bujalski.  
  Film International Walter Hill: Last Man Standing (pdf).  
  Film Monthly Exclusive Cameron Crowe Elizabethtown Interview.  
  Filmmaker Presumed Missing: Shari Roman Interviews Keane's Lodge Kerrigan.  
  GreenCine Andrew Niccol Finds a World of "Macabre Absurdity".  
  The Guardian Back from the Cold: After 20 years, Ingmar Bergman returns to cinema. We ask what the reclusive director means to today's film-makers.  
  kamera Walter Salles on Sound.  
  Midnight Eye Kunihiko Tomioka: A meeting with the godfather of Osaka's bustling indie film scene.  
  September 2005  
  Reverse Shot Jim Jarmusch Symposium.  
  Roger Ebert A conversation with Werner Herzog.  
  Film Monthly Craven Takes His Nightmares Above The Clouds.  
  GreenCine D.A. Pennebaker: At 80, Looking Back and Ahead.  
  The Guardian At the age of 78, documentary maker Albert Maysles is still going strong. Geoffrey Macnab meets the father confessor of factual cinema, who claims to love all people - except George Bush.  
  LA Weekly Man of the World: Though he makes political films, Fernando Meirelles doesn’t see himself as a political filmmaker.  
  Bright Lights Film Journal Looking at Charlie — the Mutuals: An Occasional Series on the Life and Work of Charlie Chaplin.  
  BFI The NFT celebrates the centenary of Michael Powell's birth with a season of films by the great British director.  
  August 2005  
  Senses of Cinema “Why Not Have Our Own World?”: Interview with Andrzej Wajda.  
  Film International Larry Cohen: Film Crazy.  
  Film Monthly Rob Cohen Takes On New Territory in Summer Blockbuster.  
  Film-Philosophy Carax - Philosophy in Film: On Daly and Dowd's "Leos Carax".  
  Filmmaker Scott Macaulay speaks with filmmaker Craig Brewer, who won the Audience Award at Sundance with Hustle & Flow, a gritty love song to the Memphis rap scene and the creative spirit.  
  GreenCine Ross McElwee's "Replication of Reality".  
  The Guardian 'People were more afraid of the poetry': Sally Potter's east-meets-west movie features an English pot-washer hurling abuse at 'Arab bombers'. Did such topicality worry its backers?  
  indieWIRE Reworking Toback's "Fingers," Jacques Audiard On "The Beat".  
  Midnight Eye Lee Sang-Il Interview.  
  Pop Matters Something Else New: Interview with John Singleton.  
  July 2005  
  Cinema-Scope A Man and a Movie Camera: Raymond Depardon’s Recent Films.  
  Audience Director with a Thousand Faces: George Lucas, George W. Bush, and the Power of Myth.  
  BritMovie The Rest Is Just Propaganda: The Influence of Karel Reisz on the British New Wave.  
  Cineaste Against the Grain: An Interview with Pawel Pawlikowski.  
  GreenCine The Miranda Act: Miranda July and You and Everyone We Know.  
  The Guardian 'Trust me. I am not God, but I am Antonioni'.  
  indieWIRE 5 Questions for Andrew Wagner, Writer/Director of "The Talent Given Us".  
  kamera A Quick Chat With Patrick Keiller.  
  MovieMaker Even Sweeter the Second Time Around: With her new film, Lords of Dogtown, Catherine Hardwicke shows the success of Thirteen was no fluke.  
  Reverse Shot King of Kings: An Interview with Arnaud Desplechin.  
  June 2005  
  Film Comment Michael Powell: Rethinking a British legend.  
  Senses of Cinema Maurice Pialat and John Cassavetes: A scholarly – and long overdue – analysis of the affinities and differences between these two filmmakers of immense stature.  
  Boston Phoenix Difficult People: The microcosms of Kira Muratova  
  Filmmaker Home Movie: An Interview With Writer-Director Matt Zoller Seitz.  
  GreenCine Todd Solondz: The Master of Misanthropy Returns.  
  The Guardian The lost prophet: Jonathan Coe stays up past midnight with some French admirers of Lindsay Anderson.  
  indieWIRE Papa Dearest: "Tell Them Who You Are's" Haskell Wexler Battles His Offspring.  
  Off Screen Tsai Ming-liang Retrospective.  
  Rouge The Arc of Passions: Bill Viola’s New Works.  
  Village Voice Wrath of 'Zog: At 62, Werner Herzog is still documenting obsessions, and struggling with his own.  
  May 2005  
  Bright Lights Film Journal Douglas Sirk!: A salute to the zany Dane from Bright Lights' dusty archives.  
  Cineaste The Testaments of Fritz Lang  
  Filmmaker The Wonder Years: After a six-year hiatus, Gregg Araki returns to feature filmmaking with Mysterious Skin, a haunting story about childhood sexual abuse.  
  GreenCine "Free to Investigate": Hal Hartley  
  The Guardian When Worlds Collide: Ridley Scott explains how 9/11, David Lean and cheating at conkers led him to make his epic film of the crusades, Kingdom of Heaven.  
  kamera An Interview with Minh Nguyen-Vo.  
  Midnight Eye Midnight Eye salutes the multi-faceted talents of director Kihachi Okamoto - of Sword of Doom, Human Bullet and Red Lion fame - who passed away last February at the age of 81.  
  MovieMaker Appetite for Self Destruction: David Duchovny writes and directs House of D.  
  Spliced Wire Ballard Goes Back to Nature: Director known for quality kids-and-animals fare talks about avoiding clichés for 'Duma'.  
  Sight & Sound Impulse: How good was Otto Preminger? Here David Thomson puts the director on trial, linking two Lauras to make his defence case.  
  April 2005  
  Cinemad The Universal Language: An Interview with Alejandro Jodorowsky.   
  Cinema-Scope Garden Party: Frederick Wiseman’s Society of the Spectacle.   
  Filmmaker Sticks and Stones: Patrick Z. McGavin speaks with French writer-director Agnès Jaoui about her Cannes prize-winning social satire Look at Me.  
  Gerald Peary 1977 Interview with Agnes Varda  
  The Guardian Joshua Marston went to Colombia to find actors for Maria Full of Grace, his film about drug mules. And that was just the first hurdle, he tells fellow director Anthony Minghella.  
  indieWIRE Talking about the Terroir: Jonathan Nossiter's Wine Doc, "Mondovino".  
  Midnight Eye Interview with Shinji Aramaki.   
  Bright Lights Film Journal An interview with Clint Eastwood  
  Senses of Cinema Renoir and the Scandal of “First Love” or The Perils of Catherine.  
  March 2005  
  Sight & Sound | Lesser spotted fish and other stories…Wes Anderson's latest offbeat ensemble comedy The Life Aquatic plays like 8 1/2 made by Jacques Cousteau. [ TSPDT Info   
  Guardian | Into the Deep: Wes Anderson is funny on the surface, but with something subterranean going on. [ TSPDT Info  
  GreenCine | Two Conversations with Christopher Munch.  
  indieWIRE | Talking About "Nobody Knows" with A Magician of the Cinema, Hirokazu Kore-Eda  
  Midnight Eye | He has made everything from Sonny Chiba actioners to Edo-period torture chronicles. Midnight Eye talks to the 'King of Cult', Teruo Ishii.  
  MovieMaker | In True Indie Fashion: Editor-turned-director Curtiss Clayton strikes out on his own with Daniel "Lemony Snicket" Handler's script, Rick.  
  Bright Lights Film Journal | Howard Hughes and Hollywood: A Salute to the playboy entrepeneur of Tinseltown.  
  Senses of Cinema | Hell's Angels: An Interview with Catherine Breillat on Anatomy of Hell.  
  Boston Phoenix | Broken lines, interrupted movements: A ‘warrior of conscience’ at the MFA. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  February 2005  
  Kinoeye | From the eye to the hand: The victim's double vision in the films of Roman Polanski. [ TSPDT Info  
  Filmmaker | Wise Men: Interview with Lama Khyentse Norbu, director of Travellers and Magicians, the first film ever to be shot in Bhutan.  
  GreenCine | "I'll do a Canadian take": Don McKellar.  
  Guardian | Tale of the Century: Greece's greatest living film-maker has embarked on his most ambitious project yet. [ TSPDT Info  
  kamera | Career Retrospective: Jean-Pierre Melville. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  MovieMaker | Taking Aim at the Establishment: Robert Greenwald on politics, moviemaking and innovative ways to make self-distribution profitable.  
  Reverse Shot | Tsai Ming-liang Symposium.  
  Sight & Sound | James Toback is one of the few true film mavericks. Here Easy Riders, Raging Bulls author Peter Biskind talks to him about sex scenes in his new When Will I Be Loved. [ TSPDT Info   
  The Film Journal | In-Focus Series: The Films of Robert Mulligan. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Film Monthly | Paul Weitz/In Good Company Interview.   
  January 2005  
  LA Weekly | For a Few Million More...In his 24th film since Play Misty for Me, Clint Eastwood is still working on Hollywood’s longest second act. [ TSPDT Info  
  Midnight Eye | An interview with one of the great unknown giants of Japanese animation.  
  MovieMaker | The Power of “Warts and All” Moviemaking. Taylor Hackford takes on Ray Charles and Jamie Foxx. [ TSPDT Info  
  Rouge | Ozu's Angry Women. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Bright Lights Film Journal | Capra's Corn? Dante...Dickens...Capra [ TSPDT Info  
  Sight & Sound | Fly Guy: Martin Scorsese hates to fly yet he has made The Aviator, a biopic about the billionaire Howard Hughes. [ TSPDT Info   
  Cineaste | Almodóvar and the New Politics of Spain. [ TSPDT Info   
  Cinema-Scope | Woman Is the Future of Man: Ousmane Sembène on Moolaadé. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Film Monthly | Schumacher Takes On A Different Kind of Icon. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  December 2004  
  Guardian | What Stanley didn't say. [ TSPDT Info  
  Filmmaker | Check-Up with Dr. Strangelove by Terry Southern. [ TSPDT Info  
  Film Comment | Pedro Almodóvar Interviewed. [ TSPDT Info  
  The Film Journal | The Farrelly Brothers' Body (dys)functions. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Film Monthly | Stone Takes On A Great Alexander. [ TSPDT Info  
  Flickhead | Luis Buñuel Remembered by Jean-Claude Carrière. [ TSPDT Info  
  Green Cine | "Full of Music": More Maddin.  
  indieWIRE | Jean-Pierre Jeunet, With A Distaste for War, On His Bittersweet "A Very Long Engagement".  
  kamera | A Quick Chat With Bruce LaBruce.  
  Kinoeye | A stubborn quest for historical truth: Aleksei German interviewed.  
  November 2004  
  The Film Journal | There's No Magic: A Conversation With George A. Romero. [ TSPDT Info  
  Film Monthly | Payne Goes Sideways and Smells The Wine: Interview with Alexander Payne. Plus Filmmaker Interview.  
  Filmmaker | Midwife Crisis: An interview with Mike Leigh. [ TSPDT Info  
  Flickhead | Russ Meyer: 1922-2004.   
  indieWIRE | David Gordon Green Talks About "Undertow," His "Southern Tall Tale".  
  kamera | A Quick Chat With Pawel Pawlikowski  
  kinoeye | He came, he saw...: An overview of Elem Klimov's career.  
  Slant Magazine | Jerry Lewis: The Clown Who Cried. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Senses of Cinema | Keith Gordon on Keith Gordon, Part One: From Actor to Director. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  DGA | Reconstructing Sam Fuller's The Big Red One. [ TSPDT Info ]  **A different perspective on The Big Red One restoration**  
  October 2004  
  Sight & Sound | Jacques Rivette: Come and See. [ TSPDT Info  
  Midnight Eye | Interview with Mamoru Oshii.  
  MovieMaker | John Waters: My Golden Rules. [ TSPDT Info  
  New York Times (free registration required) | John Cassavetes, Laughing Last. [ TSPDT Info  
  Off Screen | Fassbinder: The Life and Work of a Provocative Genius. [ TSPDT Info  
  Roger Ebert | Russ Meyer: King of the funny skin flicks.   
  Spliced Wire | Interview with Kerry Conran, director of Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow  
  Senses of Cinema | Border Zones: The films of Ulrich Seidl.  
  Boston Phoenix | ‘Metaphors for beauty’: Vincent Gallo speaks.  
  Film Comment | David O. Russell Interview. [ TSPDT Info  
  September 2004  
  kinoeye | Passion without words: The cinema of Claire Denis.  
  kamera | M. Night Shyamalan Q & A. [ TSPDT Info  
  Midnight Eye | Interview with Katsuhito Ishii.  
  Movie Maker | Donnie Darko writer-director Richard Kelly’s second chance.  
  Spliced Wire | Talented sitcom star (Zach Braff) graduates to triple-threat as writer, director and star of 'Garden State' .  
  Senses of Cinema | Hiroshi Shimizu: A Hero of His Time.  
  Cineaste | The Pleasures of Melancholy: An Interview with Guy Maddin.  
  Filmmaker | An Interview with Family Portraits: A Trilogy of America Writer-Director Douglas Buck.  
  Guardian | Tim Robbins: He's a writer, he's a director, he's an Oscar-winning actor with an Oscar-winning wife. He's also Hollywood's most vociferous anti-war campaigner - a constant thorn in the side of the American Neocons. [ TSPDT Info  
  LA Weekly | Vincent Gallo: Self-service without a smile.  
  August 2004  
  New York Times (free registration required) | Spike Lee: He Makes His Own Movies (Just Don't Try to Label Him). [ TSPDT Info  
  Film Monthly | Is Spike Lee Still Doin' the Right Thing? [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Rouge | Her Mother's Son: Kinship and History in Ritwik Ghatak. [ TSPDT Info  
  Sight & Sound | Why Fellini? [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Senses of Cinema | The Private Guy Maddin.  
  Boston Phoenix | Spaghetti Westerns: Ermanno Olmi and Sam Peckinpah. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Film Comment | Michael Moore interviewed. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  The Film Journal | Making Magic With Orson Welles: A Conversation with Mike Caveney. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Guardian | Duped in the Dark: Film-makers want you to suspend disbelief - but don't let them sneak in and steal your heart as well says David Mamet [ TSPDT Info ]  
  indieWIRE | The Two Beats: Takeshi Kitano Talks About His Populist Streak in "Zatoichi". [ TSPDT Info ]  
  July 2004  
  Gerald Peary | Jean-Luc Godard Essay. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Film Monthly | Yasuaki Nakajima: Director, Writer, Producer, and Star of After the Apocalypse.  
  Guardian | Lost Brothers: John Patterson hopes the Coen Brothers get back to doing what they do best - writing their own tenacious material. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  indieWIRE | Jim McKay Explores Gentrification, Stereotypes, and "Everyday People".  
  kamera | A Quick Chat with Guy Maddin.  
  MovieMaker | Weighty Subject Benefits from Humor: Morgan Spurlock on his engaging, enlightening Super Size Me.  
  Nitrate Online | How to be a cool misfit: Interview with Mark Waters.  
  June 2004  
  Bright Lights Film Journal | Forgotten Master: Gregory La Cava. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Cinemad | Werner Herzog interview (PDF format). [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Film Comment | Lightning in a Bottle: Maurice Pialat. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  indieWIRE | Breaking Von Trier: Jørgen Leth Survives "The Five Obstructions". [ TSPDT Info ]  
  FIPRESCI | Karel Kachyna, 1924-2004.  
  Midnight Eye | Interview with Ryuhei Kitamura.    
  Guardian Unlimited | Stuart Jeffries talks to Marcel Ophüls, the director who shattered postwar myths about France and the Nazis.  
  Nitrate Online | Bon Voyage: Interview with Jean-Paul Rappeneau. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Premiere | Power to Van Peebles  
  May 2004  
  Masters of Cinema | The polarizing, magnificent cinema of Bruno Dumont.  
  indieWIRE | Bruno Dumont's lust in the dust; talking about Twentynine Palms.  
  BFI | Andrew Jarecki discusses Capturing the Friedmans.  
  Senses of Cinema | John Ford article: Ford Till '47. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Audience | Michael Moore interview.  
  Guardian Unlimited | Tears of the clown: Jerry Lewis interview. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  kinoeye | In search of truth: Béla Tarr interviewed.  
  Midnight Eye | Hiroshi Shimizu: Silent master of the Japanese Ethos.   
  MovieMaker | Jean-Jacques Annaud: Directing - It's all about pleasure.   
  April 2004  
  BFI | The Early Films of Peter Greenaway. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Audience | Profiling David Mamet. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Film Comment | Double Play: Joseph Losey. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Film International | Samuel Fuller Essay. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Guardian Unlimited | The Gift of a Killer: Interview with Patty Jenkins.  
  indieWIRE | Ireland's Son of Altman: John Crowley Takes No Shortcuts with "Intermission".  
  kamera | Interview with David Caffrey, director of Grand Theft Parsons  
  kinoeye | The world that is known: Michael Haneke interviewed.   
  MovieMaker | Crossing the Line: Interview with first-time writer-director Matthew Ryan Hoge  
  Previous recommended reading.  
  March 2004  
  Bright Lights Film Journal | Lars von Trier: Pornographer?. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Sight & Sound | Article on John Cassavetes' Shadows. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Senses of Cinema | Great Directors: Sergei Eisenstein. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Film Comment | Anti-Social Realism: Jean-Claude Brisseau. | Interview with Golden Bear winner Fatih Akin.  
  Guardian Unlimited | Master Mind: Jean Cocteau. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  indieWIRE | Verite Pioneer Jean Rouch: 1917-2004   
  24fps | Climbing Mt. Suzuki: A Career Article on Seijun Suzuki  
  February 2004  
  Film Comment | "Wild Bill": William A. Wellman. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Chicago Reader | Depth Perception: Films by Vincente Minnelli. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  MovieMaker | Writer-Director Patti Jenkins on Monster.  
  Sight & Sound | The Last Frontier: Ron Howard's The Missing. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Audience | Interview with Tim Burton. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Gerald Peary | Gus Van Sant Interview. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  indieWIRE | Gold Against the Soul: Jafar Panahi Interview.   
  kamera | Knights Errant: The Films of John Woo and Chow Yun Fat, Part I & Part II. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  January 2004  
  Roger Ebert | Interview with Robert Altman. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Bright Lights Film Journal | Alfred Hitchcock: A Hank of Hair and a Piece of Bone. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Audience | Interview with David Lynch. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Boston Phoenix | Jean Cocteau Article. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  DGA | In Defense of Places: By Wim Wenders. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Film Monthly | Mike Newell Interview. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Guardian Unlimited | The Poet of Nightfall: Nicholas Ray. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Henry Sheehan | Interview with Clint Eastwood. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  indieWIRE | Jim Sheridan Gets Personal with In America. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  kamera | A Quick Chat with Lucas Belvaux  
  December 2003  
  kinoeye | Identity and Love: The Not-So Discreet Charm of François Ozon. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Roger Ebert | 1971 Interview with Claude Chabrol. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Spliced Wire | Interview with Keith Gordon: Director of The Singing Detective. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Audience | Interview with Joe Dante. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Guardian Unlimited | Master Class: Jean-Luc Godard. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  indieWIRE | Alejandro González Iñárritu Discusses His Sophomore Opus.  
  kamera | Eyes Wide Open: An Interview with Takeshi Kitano. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  MovieMaker | Interview with Wayne Kramer: Director of The Cooler.  
  November 2003  
  BFI | John Boorman in Conversation. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Audience | Carl Franklin Interview. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Chicago Reader | Films by Gregory J. Markopoluos  
  Empire | Clint Eastwood Interview. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Guardian Unlimited | Hana Makhmalbaf: "They Just Thought I Was a Kid".  
  indieWIRE | First-time Director Peter Hedges Talks About Pieces of April.  
  kamera | A Quick Chat with Jeff Blitz, Director of Spellbound.  
  MovieMaker | King of the Ants: Stuart Gordon.  
  October 2003  
  Film Comment | Yasujiro Ozu: The Poetics of Resistance. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Audience | Ridley Scott Interview. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Directors Guild of America | Clint Eastwood: Conversations with a Director and His Team. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Guardian Unlimited | So Has Quentin (Tarantino) Just Shot Himself in the Foot?. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  indieWIRE | Jim Jarmusch Talks About  Coffee and Cigarettes. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  kamera | Carl Dreyer Article. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  MovieMaker | Interview with Anthony Minghella. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Pop Matters | Akira Kurosawa: The Emperor and the Gangster. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  September 2003  
  Bright Lights Film Journal | Dancing with Werewolves: John Sayles in Roger Corman's Hollywood. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Senses of Cinema | Great Directors: Guy Maddin.  
  Audience | Robert Rodriguez Interview. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  International Federation of Film Critics | Ozu at Brisbane. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Directors Guild of America | Under the Influence: A Dialogue About Films with William Friedkin. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Fred Camper | 1941 Review of Citizen Kane by Erich von Stroheim . [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Guardian Unlimited | Genius and Folly: Orson Welles Special. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  kamera | Jacques Becker Article. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  MovieMaker | Interview with Eli Roth, Director of Cabin Fever.  
  24 Frames per Second | Ten Things We Know About Howard Hawks. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  August 2003  
  BFI | Tribute to John Schlesinger. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Empire | John Schlesinger: Oscar-Winning Director Dies. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Senses of Cinema | A Selection of Articles on Steven Spielberg. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Audience | John Carpenter Interview. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Film Monthly | Gregor Jordan Directs Buffalo Soldiers.  
  Gerald Peary | Interview with François Ozon. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  indieWIRE | Stephen Frears on Dirty Pretty Things. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  kamera | Buñuel Feature. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  MovieMaker | Improvising the Perfect Script.  
  24 Frames per Second | Interview with Claire Denis.  
  July 2003  
  Henry Sheehan | 1977 Interview with Vincente Minnelli. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  24 Frames per Second | Soundscape in the Cinema of Orson Welles. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Film Monthly | Ang Lee Tackles The Hulk. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Guardian Unlimited | Poet of the Underworld: Jean-Pierre Melville. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  indieWIRE | Danny Boyle Turns Apocalyptic with 28 Days Later.  
  BFI | Tribute to David Lean. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  June 2003  
  Senses of Cinema | Remembering Stan Brakhage. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Film Comment | Obituary: Stan Brakhage 1933-2003. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Guardian Unlimited | Why J'aime Peter Greenaway...and Why I Loathe His Films. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  kamera | New Directors/New Films: Launching Careers from the Big Apple.  
  MovieMaker | Lessons from Confidence Man James Foley. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Pop Matters | The Creepy, Campy Stylings of Mario Bava.  
  Roger Ebert | Vincent Gallo's Dud Widely Reviled--Even By Him.   
  Bright Lights Film Journal | Through a Glass Darkly: Bergman as Critical and Cultural Bellwether. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Audience | Jerry Lewis' Unseen Clown. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  May 2003  
  Film Threat | Larry Cohen: Man in a Phone Booth. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Guardian Unlimited | John McNaughton talks about Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  indieWIRE | Interview with Lukas Moodysson  
  MovieMaker | James Mangold's Identity Crisis.  
  Pop Matters | Interview with Nick Broomfield.  
  Spliced Wire | Interview with Joel Schumacher. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Film Four | Spike Lee discusses 25th Hour. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Film Monthly | Bryan Singer discusses his sequel, X-Men 2.  
  Gerald Peary | Lynne Ramsay Interview.  
  April 2003  
  Directors Guild of America | Lifetime Achievement Award for Martin Scorsese. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Henry Sheehan | Essay on Douglas Sirk. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  indieWIRE | Robert Duvall on Assassination Tango | A Quick Chat with Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne.  
  MovieMaker | The Balancing Act of Stevie's Steve James.  
  BFI | A Major Celebration of the work of Luchino Visconti. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Senses of Cinema | A Tribute to Maurice Pialat.  
  Chris Fujiwara | Kurosawa and Mifune. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Film Monthly | James Mangold Reveals His Latest Identity.  
  Gerald Peary | Maya Deren Article.  
  March 2003  
  Directors Guild of America | John Cassavetes: An Icon for Independents. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Film Monthly | Gus Van Sant Returns to His Indie Roots. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Spliced Wire | Interview with Phillip Noyce. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  24 Frames Per Second | The Cult of the Director.  
  Bright Lights Film Journal | Artaud: Cinema of Cruelty.  
  Senses of Cinema | Alex Cox Articles. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Chicago Reader | Best of the Worst: Films by Mario Bava.  
  Film Critic | Welcome to His Nightmare: David Cronenberg. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Gerald Peary | Maya Deren Essay.  
  Guardian Unlimited | Interview with Stephen Daldry.  
  February 2003  
  Directors Guild of America | Martin Scorsese talks about Gangs of New York with Steven Spielberg. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  LA Weekly | O Pioneer!: Dorothy Arzner's all-girl universe.  
  MovieMaker | Crossing the Line: Hardboiled Life Lessons - Andre de Toth.  [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Senses of Cinema | A Selection of Hitchcock Articles. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  FilmFour | Masterclass: Aki Kaurismäki.  
  Guardian Unlimited | Victims and Villains: Article by David Mamet. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  January 2003  
  MovieMaker | Mike Leigh talks about All or Nothing.  [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Guardian Unlimited | George Roy Hill Obituary.  [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Pop Matters | Jean-Pierre Melville: Fate Wears a Fedora [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Senses of Cinema | Claire Denis Interview.  
  Directors Guild of America | Alexander Payne: Making Serious Films His Way in the Studio System.  
  Village Voice | People Are Funny: The Films of Leo McCarey.  [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Film Monthly | Denzel Washington's Change of Direction.  
  indieWIRE | Samira Makhmalbaf Interview.  
  December 2002  
  Pop Matters | Transcendent Realism: Jacques Becker.  [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Salon | Todd Haynes talks about Far from Heaven.  
  Guardian Unlimited | I Am Not Normal: Alejandro Jodorowsky.  
  Bright Lights Film Journal | Fritz Lang's Assumption Factory. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Spliced Wire | Interview with Andrew Niccol, writer-director of S1m0ne.  
  indieWIRE | Pedro Almodóvar Interview.  [ TSPDT Info ]  
  November 2002  
  Salon | Interview with Paul Schrader. [ TSPDT Info  
  Film Four | Interview with Richard Kelly: Director of Donnie Darko.    
  Spliced Wire | Gunning for Michael Moore.  
  Film Monthly | Maverick filmmaker Michael Moore returns with Bowling for Columbine.  
  Kamera | Michael Powell at San Sebastian. [ TSPDT Info  
  Movie Maker | The truth about Jonathan Demme. [ TSPDT Info  
  Senses of Cinema | Great Directors: Agnes Varda.  
  October 2002  
  Bright Lights Film Journal | Ida Lupino: Mother of Us All!   
  Directors Guild of America | Michael Apted's 7 Up Series. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  indieWIRE | Strong Man on a Mission: Werner Herzog talks about Invincible.  
  Kamera | A quick chat with Asif Kapadia.  
  Movie Maker | Interview with Neil LaBute. [ TSPDT Info  
  Spliced Wire | Interview with Shekhar Kapur. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Guardian Unlimited | Interview with Francis Ford Coppola. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Senses of Cinema | Nicholas Ray profile by Jonathan Rosenbaum. [ TSPDT Info  
  September 2002  
  Bright Lights Film Journal | A Profound Gaze at the Surface: The Films of Robert Bresson. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  BBC | Christopher Nolan talks about remaking Insomnia.  
  Directors Guild of America | Kathryn Bigelow on making K-19.  
  Film Four | Masterclass: Federico Fellini. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Film Monthly | Interview with Walter Hill.  
  Guardian Unlimited | Interview with John Woo. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  MovieMaker | Interview with James Toback  
  Salon | Where are the Female Directors?   
  24 Frames Per Second | Harmony Korine's search for cinematic (sort of) truth.   
  Senses of Cinema | Samuel Fuller profile by Adrian Martin.  
  August 2002  
  Film Comment | Artisan of the Unseen: The Parallel Worlds of Jacques Tourneur by Geoffrey O'Brien. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Directors Guild of America | Baz Luhrmann meets George Sidney  
  indieWIRE | Interview with Zhang Yimou. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Movie Maker | Interview with Doug Liman.  
  Salon | Living in Oblivion: Tom DiCillo  
  Senses of Cinema | Feature on Joseph Losey.  
  July 2002  
  British Film Institute | Satyajit Ray: A two month tribute to the great Bengali director. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Guardian Unlimited | To Live and Die in LA with Bernard Rose.  
  indieWIRE | The Return of John Sayles. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Spliced Wire | Interview with John Sayles. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Senses of Cinema | Otto Preminger profile by Chris Fujiwara.  
  Salon | The Original Pick-Up Artist: James Toback  
  Carfax Abbey | Stuart Gordon Interview.  
  June 2002  
  Gerald Peary | Cigars and Cinema with Sam Fuller.  
  Spliced Wire | Interview with Christopher Nolan, director of "Memento" and "Insomnia".  
  Senses of Cinema | Robert Aldrich profile by Alain Silver. [ TSPDT Info  
  Movie Maker | The triumph of Clare Peploe. Bertolucci's better half scores another directorial victory.  
  indieWIRE | Films Without Borders: Abbas Kiarostami talks about "ABC Africa" and poetic cinema.  
  Film Comment | Alexander Dovzhenko feature.  
  Directors Guild of America | Remembering Billy Wilder by Andrew Sarris. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Chicago Reader | Joris Ivens's Labor-Intensive Industrials by Jonathan Rosenbaum.  
  May 2002  
  Bright Lights Film Journal | Catch Me if You Can: The Tarantino Legacy. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  24 Frames Per Second | De Mille and Vidor: Failed imitation as Flattery. [ TSPDT Info: De Mille ] [ TSPDT Info: Vidor ]  
  Pop Matters | An interview with Peter Bogdanovich.  
  Spliced Wire | Interview with Michael Lehmann, director of 40 Days & 40 Nights.  
  Village Voice | Robert Siodmak: Phantom Ladies.  
  indieWIRE | Woody Allen's "Ending" Is No Finale; For the Record, He's 'Not That Crazy'. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Guardian Unlimited | As Pather Panchali is re-released, Derek Malcolm remembers India's cinematic giant, Satyajit Ray. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Images | Billy Wilder and Samuel Fuller talk about film noir. Interviews by Robert Porfirio and James Ursini. Excerpts from Film Noir Reader 3. [ TSPDT Info: Wilder ]  
  Roger Ebert | Iran director (Majid Majidi) picks people over politics.  
  Jump Cut | Indigenism and national subjects of Bolivia in the films of Jorge Sanjinés.  
  April 2002  
  Bright Lights Film Journal | The King Steps Out: Goodbye to Billy Wilder. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Pop Matters | A Cynic's Demise: Billy Wilder (1906-2002). [ TSPDT Info ] | Heroes of Billy Wilder. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  24 Frames Per Second | Peter Jackson: from Bad Taste to Lord of the Rings. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Spliced Wire | Director Ridley Scott & producer Jerry Bruckheimer speak passionately about their highly praised, precision depiction of a military disaster in Black Hawk Down. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Salon | Peter Bogdanovich, the director of The Cat's Meow, discusses the truth about Citizen Kane, the philanderings of Charlie Chaplin and the lies Hollywood tells us about death and dying. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Film Monthly | Wes Anderson discusses his latest, The Royal Tenenbaums.  
  Jump Cut | Ways of Seeing Wild: The Cinema of Wong Kar-wai  
  Gerald Peary | Read Peary's introduction from his wonderful new book John Ford Interviews. [ TSPDT Info ]  
  Movie Maker | Adrian Lyne's language of sex and suspicion. [ TSPDT Info ]  


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