Preston Sturges's Acclaimed Films

The table below lists the films for this director that have been cited in TSPDT's current editions of The 1,000 Greatest Films and 21st Century's Most Acclaimed Films' polls. The Greatest column lists the ranking within the Greatest Films poll, and the 21stC column lists the ranking within the 21st Century poll.
1940Christmas in July67BW47800
1940Great McGinty, The81BW63130
1941Sullivan's Travels91BW2160
1941Lady Eve, The94BW1350
1942Palm Beach Story, The90BW3520
1944Hail the Conquering Hero101BW32770
1944Miracle of Morgan's Creek, The99BW7500
1947Sin of Harold Diddlebock, The90BW168740
1948Unfaithfully Yours105BW17170
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